American Animals (2018)

The following film has been approved for all audiences by the independant film rating association of america


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American Animals (2018)

Drama | Crime
7 / 10
Release Date
01 June 2018
1 : 57 minutes
Spoken Language
Lexington, Kentucky, 2004. Four young men attempt to execute one of the most audacious art heists in the history of the United States.

Cast Overview :

Warren Lipka
by: Evan Peters
Spencer Reinhard
by: Barry Keoghan
Chas Allen
by: Blake Jenner
Eric Borsuk
by: Jared Abrahamson
Betty Jean 'BJ' Gooch
by: Ann Dowd
Warren Lipka Senior
by: Gary Basaraba
Mrs. Lipka
by: Lara Grice
Mrs. Reinhard
by: Jane McNeill
Mrs. Allen
by: Whitney Goin
Mr. Van Der Hoek
by: Udo Kier
Bill Welton
by: Wayne Duvall
Dutchman in Café
by: Fedor Steer
Economics Lecturer
by: Jack Landry
Exam Professor #2
by: Gretchen Koerner
FBI Dorm
by: William Cowboy Reed
Frat Boy
by: Drew Starkey
Female Art Professor
by: Karen Wheeling Reynolds
Scruffy Counterfeiter
by: Kevin L. Johnson
Special Collections Student
by: Abigail Dolan
Spencer's Sister
by: Dorothy Reynolds
Supermarket Security
by: Al Mitchell
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
by: Marlo Scheitler
Art Class Girl (uncredited)
by: Pamela Mitchell
Art Class Girl (uncredited)
by: Tiffany Alice
Bar Patron (uncredited)
by: AJ Taylor
Bartender (uncredited)
by: Josh Royston
Blues Bar Patron (uncredited)
by: Steven 'Trainset' Curtis
Brother of Graduate (uncredited)
by: Grayson Nickel
Chinese Restaurant Couple with Warren (uncredited)
by: Daniel Freeze
Club Goer (uncredited)
by: Lauran Foster
FBI Agent (uncredited)
by: Jesse Truesdell
Frat Boy (uncredited)
by: Alec Heroux
Girl in Hallway (uncredited)
by: Morgan Prewitt
Man Dancing in Bar (uncredited)
by: Brian Cole
Mean Betty Jean (uncredited)
by: Stacy Rabon
Patron (uncredited)
by: Bonnie Cole
Pledge (uncredited)
by: Jason Caceres
Police Officer (uncredited)
by: Stephen Royal Phillips
Reinhard's Sibling (uncredited)
by: Ben McIntire
Smoking Kid (uncredited)
by: Josh Jordan
Student (uncredited)
by: Bobby Akers
Student (uncredited)
by: Cody Taylor
Student (uncredited)
by: Debby Handolescu
Student (uncredited)
by: Liam Marcy
Student in Dorm Hall (uncredited)
by: James R. Wiley
Transy Security (uncredited)
by: Elijah Everett
Used Car Salesman (uncredited)
by: John Demers
Valedictorian (uncredited)
by: Hannah Hoyt
Woman at the Bar (uncredited)
by: Kelly Borgnis
Younger Sister (uncredited)
by: Sophia Alongi

Member Reviews :

If I had've known in advance that _American Animals_ was going to be a True Crime Doco that was 95% re-enactment, I probably wouldn't have watched it. Because that sounds like everything I hate about American television. Glad I didn't though, because that meant I did watch it, and _American Animals_ is actually quite good. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._